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TKU Nostalgia.


November 1991 - Sensei Pollard with Sensei Terry O'Neill - Nottingham

 April 1994 - Sensei Pollard becomes an NVQ Assessor @ Leeds Karate Centre with Focus Sports.

September 1995 - El Shams Karate Club, Cairo, Egypt. Sensei Pollard says farewell to some of the Egyptian National Squad members after coaching the full national squad for the Arabic Games.

May 1996 - TKU supports Fighting For You Cancer Appeal. Open course held @ Rotherham.

1996 - Forget Me Not Cancer Appeal - Certificate of Appreciation. Liverpool Royal University Hospital.

June 1996 - Sensei Pollard with Sensei Kasuya @ Grimsby.

August 1996 - Senseis Brian Philcox, Ticky Donovan and Jed Pollard @ Runcorn.

August 1996 - Sensei's Pollard and Baxter with Sensei Yamazaki @ Nottingham.

October 1996 - Sensei Pollard with Sensei Ohta @ Blackpool.

November 1996 - Sensei Pollard with Shihan Phil Milner @ Widnes.

June 2001 - Sensei Pollard - 5th Dan Award.

June 2001 - Sensei Pollard receiving his 5th Dan award from Shihan Ken Hillyard @ Nottingham.

April 2004 - Left to Right: Sensei's Steve Baxter, Dave Bilson, Shihan Ken Hillyard, Sensei's Steve Frost and Jed Pollard. 

November 2009 - Sensei Mark Bounds with Sensei Pollard and Shihan Hillyard after passing his 2nd Dan @ Nottingham.